Hi, I'm David. 95.
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White R8


White R8

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ducksandpandas57 said: Hi there :)


Anonymous said: how come you don't hmu anymore? I miss talkin to you

i dont know. wats up giuuuurrrrl. ;)

Anonymous said: là Nước Mắm Boy ạ?

i bet this is my cousin from vn or something.

Anonymous said: "reblog if you're shorter than 5'8", I have a friend under 5'8 and after telling him about this attention seeking post he was quite offended that someone would humiliate people of his stature for 'reblogs'. His trigger is not something to joke about.

who cares. its just a post. i posted it years ago. isn’t it right how it has 100k now hahahhaha.

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urbanlike may’s muse, 서강준

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Former Homeless Man Helps The Homeless - Video

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| Drippin' Dopeness | Here |

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